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A Love Story in Satumaa

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Kimberley* grew up in New York and the Palm Beaches. In 1999, she moved to Heinola as a Rotary Club exchange student where she met the love of her life, Juha. They were inseparable until the expiration of her visa in 2000. 

Back then, with only hotmail available, they had to part ways and communication was lost for 18 years. Upon a hiihtoloma trip in January of 2018,  Juha and Kimberley reconnected and felt they had some unfinished business. It took Kimberley 5 months to make arrangements and permanently move back to Finland. 

Today Kimberley and Juha are married with two children and living in Lahti. 

As laughter naturally fills the home and workspaces, Leidi Pipari is based on a joke, Kimberley's love for Finland and a special cookie request from Juha. 

*Kimberley is a ladypreneur and you are supporting a woman-owned, microbusiness every time you order.