Hauska tavata


Kimberley Gowdy

Chief Cookie Officer

I'm Kimberley, CEO and Owner of Leidi Pipari, and I have a passion for learning and creativity. While learning Finnish in a my new homeland, I can't help but laugh at the innuendo and idioms which so accurately express everyday life. I also love playing with food and creating surprising bursts of flavor on the palate.

Leidi Pipari encompasses both of these passions: Kahvia on kaikille. Piparit on pomoille. Ole pomo. Haukkaa piparia. It just fits so perfectly!

I have a few degrees and certificates sure, but nothing beats being mom to two little boys and married to the love of my life. 

For those more serious inquiries, I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn. 

As a ladypreneur, thank you for supporting a woman-owned, microbusiness every time you order.