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Do you deliver?

No, as we currently are growing and looking for innovative and secure ways to connect our customers with our products.

Due to our high quality standards, we DO NOT offer 3rd party delivery for cookies at this time. 

*"Shipping" is not considered "delivery".

What is #cookietakeaway?

#cookietakeaway is for ordering takeaway off of a menu like you would in a cafe or restaurant.

Like selecting a show on HBO Nordic or Neflix, #cookietakeaway is on-demand. 

Here's an example. Let's say you're in the mood for cookies (the real ones, not the rock hard grocery store kind), you're local or visiting, and you want a few cookies to takeaway. 

You can order #cookietakeaway four different ways, just choose one: by phone, by whatsapp, by instagram dm, or from our website (whichever suits you best).  

How is the online store different from #cookietakeaway?

Our online store is like shopping at a boutique store and buying a whole box (or three) of cookies. 

It's meant for customers who would like to bring a gift to a celebration, perhaps need a larger quantity, and/or live quite a long distance away and really love our cookies. 

There is only one way to purchase and that is through the online store. 

There are, however, several choices for shipping and even an option to pick up for those who would like to avoid shipping costs. 

(When selecting the Pick-up option, remember you must order by 16.00 and it takes at least two days to fill your order.) 

Can I pick up my order in lieu of shipping?

Yes! You can pick up your cookies in place of shipping.

For pick up, please order by 16 (4 pm), 2 days before you would like to pick up.

Can I order ahead to pick up for a future date? 

Yes! If you want to pick up an order but at a later date (longer than 2 days), it is easy to let us know. 

Before tapping "checkout", tap "Add a note"and tell us which date.

What happens if I order from the online store after 16.00?

Orders come at all hours of the day and night. If you happen to order after 16.00, the order is considered registered for the following day and will be filled two days afterward.

Example: You order on Tuesday at 21:39. 

The order is registered for Wednesday and filled on Friday. 

Let's say you order at 16.01. The same rule applies. It is registered the next day and filled two days later. 

What are your product guidelines?

Our cookies are made with fresh products and best kept in an airtight container at room temperature and last up to two weeks.

The best way to experience our cookies is the American way: soft and gooey. Gently warm them in the oven for about a minute at 100° C. Enjoy with ice cream or a glass of milk. 

Why do the cookies look different or one is bigger than the other?

Our artisan cookies are hand-crafted and individually weighed and baked. This results in cookies looking as unique as you.

Do you have gluten-free cookies?

Yes! Look for "Gluten-free" in the title of each cookie. If it's not in the title, then they are currently unavailable.

*Special orders can always be made gluten-free. 

Do you have gluten-free options that DO NOT contain potato flour?

Yes, as a service, we arrange specialized orders for specific food allergies and special needs customers and clients. We plan this with you and tailor it to your event. It can take at least two weeks from first point of contact. During the holiday rushes, please allot more time.

Can I place a special order?

Yes! Leidi Pipari is a couture cookie master purveyor working with high-end, special needs, and private clients.